Who We Are?


Thailand Privilege

We are a state enterprise dedicated to offering exclusive membership programs designed to provide long-term visas tailored meticulously to cater to a wide range of individuals who aspire to make Thailand their second home. These programs aim to grant privileged visas, create delightful experiences, and offer seamless assistance to our valued members.

Our inception can be traced back to the visionary project of Thailand's Ministry of Tourism and Sports, known as the Thailand Privilege Card project. The Ministry entrusted the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) with the implementation and operation of this project in the form of a limited company. Thus, "Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited" was founded on August 29, 2003, with TAT as its sole shareholder. As a state enterprise, our company can provide unparalleled privileges, particularly in matters related to visas and Thai governmental liaisons, as well as exceptional experiences throughout Thailand.

Our uniqueness

There are three distinct signature services that set us apart from others. First, our unique visa offers a long-term stay valid for up to 20++ years. Second, our airport services include VIP greetings facilitated by our Elite Personal Assistants (EPAs), access to Electro Cars, Fast Track Immigration, VIP Lounge amenities, and limousine services. Lastly, our lifestyle privileges offerings span five categories: stay, travel, leisure, health & well-being, and wealth. These services are meticulously designed to tailor-make any desired lifestyle, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.


We take immense pride in being your trusted partner, ensuring that your stay in Thailand is adorned with the highest level of Thai hospitality

From arrival to departure, our dedicated team has stationed Elite Personal Assistants (EPA) at Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, and Chiang Mai International Airports. Elite Personal Liaisons (EPL) are also available to provide personalized assistance at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok. Moreover, our multilingual call center staff is ready to assist, and we offer a variety of unique benefits and services to enhance comfort and convenience.

For those staying in the Kingdom, whether for business or leisure, a diverse range of packages is available to perfectly fulfill desires. The commitment is to ensure that the journey is as comfortable as possible, with a primary focus on convenience and assistance throughout the stay.

World class residency program and distinguished privileges for friends of Thailand.
We offer Thailand’s Privilege Residency Program.
Our services provide special privileges and excellent experiences to maximize members's satisfaction.
We aim to attract high-potential foreigners to Thailand.
We actively support both public and private sectors to foster the growth of the Thai economy.
Brand DNA
Stands for grace, symbolizing our warm and graceful welcome to ensure every member enjoys an extraordinary experience while in Thailand. R stands for relationship, signifying our commitment to treating all members like friends and family, delivering smiles and happiness.
Stands for relationship, signifying our commitment to treating all members like friends and family, delivering smiles and happiness.
Stands for assistance, as we are always available to provide help and suggestions whenever our members need them.
Stands for companion, illustrating our unwavering support for fulfilling every desire our members have during their visit to Thailand. We will always be there for you.
Stands for exclusivity, representing our pursuit of exclusive privileges through partnerships to offer you the best experiences.

Our core valUes

Exploring what drives us

Our core values encompass an emphasis on Talent, whereby we recruit and select members for our organization to foster efficiency as well as individual growth and development; reduce the loss of skilled and experienced staff by creating an energized and motivated atmosphere and sustainable competition; Proficiency, wherein we increase staff efficiency and effectiveness by instilling positive habits within our teams, improve skillfulness and capability in every aspect, and merging innovation and creativity into the working system of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.;

Customer - centric, here we ask all of our employees to strive to enhance and enrich the Members' experience, and to endeavor to gain the knowledge to understand and serve each Member; Service-Minded-focus to improve the benefits and overall experience of each Member and create values that extend beyond the Members' expectations

Milestones from the past gracefully lead to the present
Officially launched Thailand Privilege card project.
Marketed Individual and Corporate visa privilege cards.
Released ‘Privilege Entry Visa (PE)–the first exclusive tourist visa.
Specially launched a Wild Boar collection membership card-Elite Friend of Thailand.
Ranked fourth out of 20 countries in the Global Residence Program Index 2018-2019.
Posted revenues of 1,300 million baht from global sales of membership.
Showed a steady business growth with an increase of membership to 10,134.
Restructured and redesigned marketing strategies in response to COVID-19.
Rebranded with the essence of “GRACE” to embody our mission, extending beyond members's expectations.
Launched a new logo inspired by the symbolic “Land of Smile,” signifying a warm welcome to Thailand.
Introduced new membership packages structured into four distinct tiers: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Reserve. Each tier is meticulously crafted to offer exclusive membership programs aimed at providing privileged visas and delightful experiences.”
Providing exclusive privileges from our vendors and partners, tailored exclusively for our members, covering five categories: Stay, Leisure, Travel, Health & Well-Being, and Wealth.