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Experience exclusive privileges from our hotels and real estate partners.
Discover Thailand with a warm VIP welcome and superior travel assistance.
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Stay healthy and happy with annual check up and services from leading hospitals, clinics and wellness centers.
Explore the extensive range of services provided by wealth and investment advisors.
Explore our Thailand Privilege Card membership packages.
By invitation only
Membership fee THB 5,000,000
Validity: 20 Years ++
Privilege points: 120 Points
Membership fee THB 2,500,000
Validity: 15 Years
Privilege points: 55 Points
Membership fee THB 1,500,000
Validity: 10 Years
Privilege points: 35 Points
Membership fee THB 900,000
Validity: 5 Years
Privilege points: 20 Points
Existing Membership packages before October 2023
Membership fee N/A
Validity: N/A
Privilege points: N//A
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An Overview of the Thailand Privilege Card Visa (Thailand Elite Visa)

The Thailand Privilege Card (formerly Thailand Elite Visa) is an exclusive, long-term, multiple-entry visa program designed for individuals seeking extended residency in Thailand. It offers various packages with durations ranging from 5 to 20 years. Notable privileges include VIP airport services, expedited immigration, and additional perks such as complimentary medical check-ups. This premium visa enhances the experience of living in Thailand, making it an appealing choice for those who desire an elevated and convenient stay in this captivating Southeast Asian country.

Thailand Elite Visa Packages

The Thailand Privilege Card presents membership packages tailored to diverse preferences for those seeking a long-term base in Thailand. Currently, there are four exclusive cards: the Gold card opens with a 5-year duration, the Platinum card offers a 10-year visa, the Diamond card extends to a 15-year visa stay, and the prestigious Reserve card presents the longest extended stay with 20 years. Applicants registering for the Reserve Card will undergo a pre-screening qualification process to determine if they meet the required tier criteria. Each membership card comes with distinctive privileges and complimentary offerings. For a comprehensive overview of each Thailand Privilege visa card, please visit the 'Membership' section.

Exploring the Exclusive Benefits of Thailand Privilege Membership (Thailand Elite Membership)

Embark on a journey of privilege with a Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa), which presents an exceptional world-class residency program and distinguished benefits exclusively tailored for Thailand Privilege Card members. Immerse yourself in a realm of exclusivity, where we thoughtfully craft each moment to enrich your lifestyle and elevate your long-term residency experience in Thailand.

Visa Duration

The Thailand Privilege Card offers a range of memberships with differing visa durations to accommodate various preferences and needs. Starting with the Gold card, which provides a 5-year stay, individuals can choose a membership that aligns with their long-term plans. The Platinum card extends the duration to 10 years, while the Diamond card offers a 15-year stay. The Reserve card presents an initial 20-year visa duration. Applicants registering for the Reserve Card (20-year visa status) will undergo a pre-screening qualification process to assess whether they meet the required tier criteria. Each card not only grants the privilege of an extended stay in Thailand but also comes with unique benefits, making this Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) an ideal choice for those desiring a sustained and enriching experience in this captivating destination.

Multiple Entry Privileges

The Thailand Privilege Card proudly offers multiple entry privileges, providing unparalleled convenience for our esteemed cardholders. This feature ensures a seamless and stress-free experience, empowering individuals to maximize their extended stay in the country. Cardholders can freely travel in and out without additional requirements, such as applying for re-entry permits, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease during their time in Thailand.

Investment Opportunities

The Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) doesn't directly offer investment opportunities; however, the Thailand Privilege Card presents opportunities through events such as business matching, networking seminars, and wealth advisory services, which can unlock valuable connections and streamline various aspects of investing in Thailand. Additionally, the potential for tax residency and deeper market immersion through extended stays can further enhance your investment experience. Importantly, the Elite Visa (recently updated to Privilege Visa) doesn’t provide a working visa or pathway to permanent residency, and investment opportunities require separate research and due diligence. However, its unique set of privileges creates a supportive environment for exploring and potentially flourishing in Thailand's investment landscape.

Concierge Services

Thailand Privilege Card holders enjoy exclusive access to the signature Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) service, ensuring a comfortable stay. From visa extensions and 90-day reports to bank account openings and driver's license assistance, our comprehensive service covers it all. Your Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) welcomes you at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK), Phuket International Airport (HKT), and Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX), providing convenient airport services with access to premium lanes. For ongoing support, our Member Contact Center (MMC), a professional, multi-lingual helpline, is available to assist with reservations and other needs throughout your visa stay, making this a truly personalized Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa).

Who Can Apply for Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa)?

The Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) is a gateway open to global citizens of all ages. Whether you're a retiree seeking tranquility, a professional with the flexibility to relocate, or someone captivated by Thailand's charm looking to immerse themselves in a modern-day working style, the Thailand Privilege Card beckons, offering an abundance of privileges that allow individuals worldwide to indulge in a long-term stay enriched with exclusive benefits.

Age Restrictions

The Thailand Privilege Card is open to all individuals, regardless of age. Applicants under the age of 20 at the time of application will also be required to submit parental authorization. With various membership options offering different durations and privileges, the Thailand Privilege Card extends a warm invitation to those seeking a long-term and enriching experience in Thailand.

Financial Requirements

No income requirement is necessary for the Thailand Privilege visa membership. Applicants need only pay the membership fee based on their chosen card type, without any financial or banking prerequisites. While no income requirement exists, eligibility includes not having been adjudicated bankrupt.

Required Documentation

As part of the formal Thailand Privilege Card’s application process, please ensure compliance with the following documentation requirements:

Application Form

  • Completed Thailand Privilege Card application form for the desired membership package (completed and signed by the applicant with the signature in all fields matching that of the applicant’s passport).
  • Individuals under the age of 20 at the time of application are required to complete the membership application form with the signature of their legal parent or guardian.


  • Hold a valid foreign passport from an eligible country.
  • Maintain a minimum of one-year validity on the passport or travel document at the time of application.
  • A color copy of the passport photo page with all information clearly visible.

Travel Record

  • Ensure no overstays on the travel record within the last three years.

Criminal Record Check

  • Have not been sentenced by a judgment of imprisonment in any country (except for an offense committed through negligence).
  • Have no blacklists on record.

Application Approval

  • Obtain approval for the Thailand Privilege application from the Thai Immigration Department.
  • Be allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related laws of Thailand.

Health & Medical

  • Provide medical documentation confirming the applicant's sound mental health.


  • Passport-sized recent photograph (high-resolution color. photograph against a white background).
Your close attention to these official requirements is essential for a successful Thailand Privilege application.

Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) Success Stories

The Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) has helped many people achieve their dreams of living and working in Thailand. Whether you're a retiree looking for a beautiful place to spend your golden years, a businessperson who needs to travel to Thailand frequently, or a digital nomad seeking a vibrant and affordable base, the Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) program can provide you with the freedom and flexibility you need to make your dreams a reality.

Tips for making the most of your Thailand Privilege Card membership

Maximize the full potential of your Thailand Privilege Card by embracing these tips. Dive into the array of additional privileges and benefits, from personalized concierge services to the convenience of seamless travel and vacation perks. Seize every moment as you explore the enchanting landscape of Thailand with comfort. Consult with dedicated representatives to unlock networking opportunities and utilize VIP services in the form of priority immigration, VIP airport services, and lifestyle discounts for premium brands and leading restaurants. Elevate your stay by delving into the richness of the culture and savoring unique experiences on your travels, making your Thailand journey nothing short of extraordinary.

How long does a Thailand Privilege visa last?

There are several membership programs through the Thailand Privilege Card, all offering varying lengths of valid legal stays, each with their own personalized tiered privileges. Selecting the Gold Card will provide a 5-year stay; the Platinum Card grants 10 years; and the Diamond Card offers a 15-year long-stay visa. Select the duration that best suits your desired length of residency in Thailand. The prestigious Reserve Card (invitation only) permits individuals to reside in the Kingdom of Thailand for an initial 20 years with this highest-status card, representing privileges that make this membership an Elite Visa (Recently updated to Privilege Visa).

Can I work in Thailand with a Thailand Privilege Card visa?

Thailand Privilege Card holders are prohibited from working for companies legally based and located in Thailand, requiring a separate visa and work permit for local employment. However, Thailand Privilege Card holders are permitted to work for overseas companies, with strict adherence to Thailand's personal income tax legislation for those receiving foreign income. Ensure prudent navigation of these regulations to optimize your experience and long-term stay in Thailand under this Thailand Elite Visa (Recently updated to Privilege Visa). Thailand further boasts 61 active double tax agreements with various jurisdictions, with 58 categorized as 'covered tax agreements'. These agreements help prevent double taxation for individuals and businesses operating across borders.

Are there age restrictions for applicants of the Thailand Privilege Card?

The Thailand Privilege Card extends a warm invitation to individuals of all ages, ensuring inclusivity. Applicants under 20 years of age must provide parental authorization during the application process. With various membership options offering different durations and privileges, this Thailand Elite Visa welcomes those ready to begin a wonderful journey with long-lasting residency in Thailand.

How do I apply for a Thailand Privilege Visa?

Applying for a Thailand Privilege Visa is a straightforward process. Prospective applicants can visit the ‘Membership’ section through our official Thailand Privilege website, where they will find detailed information on the application procedure, eligibility criteria, and necessary documentation. Applications can be submitted online, and our website offers step-by-step guidance to ensure a smooth and efficient process. For specific inquiries or assistance, the Thailand Privilege Member Contact Center (MCC) will gladly assist members of the Thailand Privilege Card. If you are interested in applying and need further information, please contact our sales team, who are readily available to provide support throughout the application journey.

What are the advantages of investing in the Thailand Privilege Card through the Thailand Privilege (Thailand Elite Visa) program?

Investing in Thailand through the Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) program offers a host of benefits. These include long-term stay privileges ranging from 5 to 20 years, streamlined immigration processes, and exclusive access to tailored services in travel, leisure, health, wellness, and concierge services. This exclusive program ensures an elevated and seamless experience in the vibrant and welcoming landscape of Thailand.

Are there any special privileges for healthcare services?

The Thailand Privilege Card is designed to enhance your personal well-being by offering special privileges for healthcare services. Each membership tier guarantees exclusive access to healthcare, providing a one-time complimentary health check-up, with subsequent healthcare services subject to point redemption in accordance with the conditions of each individual Thailand Privilege Card. From dental care to spa treatments and wellness programs, the Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) prioritizes your health and well-being.


In conclusion, the Thailand Privilege Visa (Thailand Elite Visa) offers long-term residency and exclusive benefits for those seeking an elevated experience in Thailand. Choose from 5 to 20-year visa durations with perks including VIP airport services, expedited immigration, and high-quality healthcare services. While not directly offering investments, it empowers your journey with time-saving services, concierge connections, and potential tax residency benefits. Open to all ages with various membership options, apply online and unlock a world of privilege, convenience, and cultural immersion in Thailand. Make the most of every moment with the Thailand Privilege Card, which is ready to welcome you with Thailand’s world-renowned hospitality.