Top 8 travel trends

We would like to keep you posted on the top 8 travel trends, based on in-depth analysis from more than 180 million guest reviews at various kinds of getaway accommodation as well as 22,000 surveys from globe trotters from 29 countries worldwide. Let’s find out what those 8 current trends are and if you wish to follow suit.



1. Explore the unknown


A trend toward visiting less visited areas is currently on the rise, which not only helps ease an overflow of tourists in major cities but also diminishes possible environmental impacts. In the near future, hopefully, there will be an application or website providing more comprehensive and needed information about these less visited areas.

2. Be tech-savvy


Technology has been playing a infuential role in today’s world and our daily life. We are glued to our mobile device and let it take care of most of our daily errands. Without exception, travellers of this era depend heavily on technology, especially AI, for their travel inspirations and decisions on travel destinations.


3. Keep it slow


y opting for a long-drawn-out journey, travellers can get a renewed taste for slow-paced travel, which allows pleasure seekers to enjoy, like never before, more of the once neglected paths leading to their destinations.

4. Experience one-stop enjoyment


We cannot deny the fact that most of us live our lives in the fast lane and are time deprived. Today’s travellers, therefore, may prefer a long getaway to any one-stop or nearby destination with their anticipated enjoyment or attactions, in order to help save travel time. With this in mind, operators in the tourism industry have been adjusting their businesses to meet the needs of these travellers.




5. Love me love my pet


Some travelers have pets whom they hold dear and always tag them along wherever they are destined for. Due to that,  any accommodation or facilities where pets are allowed and given importance are among pet lover travelers’ first and foremost choice of stay.

6.Fuse the age gap


Planning a trip in which younger and older generations can engage in any more or less extreme adventure activities together, especially among their own family members, can certainly create indelible memories for travelers and also help maintain the physical fitness of travelers’ more senior companions. These all-age activities are gaining in popularity and are high on the list of travelers’ choice of fun.






7.Be the first to be served


As the saying goes “An army marches on its stomach”. This is also true for many travellers who may not enjoy the awaiting fun on an empty stomach. Securing seats at their craved restaurants no matter big or small, in a center or a rural area, has become a new and fierce challenge for travellers in order to gratify their craving palates with trending dishes or any local delicacies, before hitting the road to more adventure.

8.Rejoice at retirement


According to a recent travel trend, some people have their minds set on a long and undisrupted getaway, specifically after retirement. The time during which they can truly unwind as long as they please at full stretch and free of work stress. That being said, these travelers prefer to plan their trips much ahead of time to ensure that their future imaginary ecstacy will go without a hitch.