Tourists’ Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

For our very first Highlight Thailand section, we would like to share with you the article written by René Zografos, a half Norwegian half Greek journalist, photographer, and writer of a famous book “How the World Sees America”. In this article he has compiled ten reasons given by tourists around the world for choosing Thailand as their getaway destination and why Thailand is worth visiting. Let's see what those tourists have to say about Thailand.

1. Beaches the dream-like beauty of long stretches of white sandy beaches with crystal clear water spotted on many different islands in Thailand has made it a must-visit destination for tourists around the world.




2. Wild animals Thailand is abundant in many different species of wild animals. When visiting Thailand, tourists can enjoy an up close and personal experience with these animals.




3. Thai food the unique tastes of Thai food easily makes it world popular. Plus, the prices for these delicious dishes make them a real bargain.




4. Adventure there are a wide range of adventurous activities for tourists to take part in: trekking, waterfall watching, beach going, and riding elephants.




5. Shopping Thailand is a shopping paradise for clothes of good quality at bargain prices,including designer items which are sold at a cheaper price than at home.




6. Underwater world diving is one of the favorite activities for tourists to enjoy the marine beauty of Thailand’s underwater world.




7. Islands the beauty of islands in Thailand is among the top in world rankings. Besides, tourists can hop between islands by long tailed boats at a cheap fare.




8.Culture 95% of Thai population is Buddhist. Tourists can learn and be excited by Thai exotic architecture and culture through temples scattered all over Thailand.




9. Cost travel to different tourist attractions in Thailand can be done on a budget.




10.People local Thai people are friendly and helpful, which best represents the Land of Smiles.


Based on the above ten reasons, it is clear that tourists are truly in favor of Thailand and everything which comes with it. However, there are still plenty of other good reasons why Thailand is well worth visiting. Do you think it is about time you visited Thailand, or if you have come, have you set foot in all the tourist attractions all across Thailand?