Culture art in Chiang Rai

If you wish to unwind, imbue the fancy art and be soothed by nature, Chiang Rai is the place to be. Located in the northernmost region of the country, Chiang Rai features untouched nature that rubs shoulders with the artistic Lanna culture. The province is starting to get more hip, with more cafés and restaurants popping up.

The very first place to have some fun in Chiang Rai is to trace the Buddha teaching through the vision of Thai National Artist Chalermchai Kositpipat at Wat Rong Kun which is wrapped in white stucco that is sculpted into classic Buddhist imagery with unrestrained, glorious artistry. Do not miss to check out the wall paintings where modern cartoon characters are blended in. The chapel itself is modest in size, yet the compound is grandiose with galleries and the most recent addition, a golden Ganesha Shrine.




 In contrast to Wat Rong Kun, Wat Rong Seur Ten reveals vivid colours both inside and outside, and the use of modern art techniques. The main chapel is an outstanding bright-blue colour and houses a pure-white Buddha image. Take your time to stroll around the temple grounds to appreciate all the sculptures and details, as well as the Buddha images. Another landmark of Chiang Rai, Baan Dam Museum started as the private residence of late National Artist of Thailand Thawan Duchanee, who collected animal skeletons to study their anatomy for his iconic paintings, as well as sculptures and artisanal pieces. His unconventional, striking collection is displayed in wooden houses of Lanna architectural style painted almost-black (“baan dam” means “black house”).




Singha Park is where you could have some fun amidst the lush nature. Opened in 1983, Singha Park features rubber tree, tea and other crop plantations as well as social enterprise programmes. Today, visitors can take a ride through the 8,700-rai property for only THB 100 to explore its main five stations: a manmade lake, tea plantation, the process of cultivating and harvesting cordy ceps, a mini-zoo and a Natsuke melon farm. You could challenge yourself on a zipline, feed the animals and have some fun picking the seasonal fruits available at time. Do not miss to pretend to be a hill tribe at their tea plantation where cloths and accessories are provided. Speaking of tea plantation, Choui Fong is famous for its setting within its verdant tea plantation and has a couple of contemporary cafés that serve visitors with a nice variety of teas and bakeries. The signature desserts here are the Choui Fong Cheesecake and the Green Tea Roll. The small gift shop offers a good introduction to the world of teas, with related knick-knacks. You could run along the rows of tea plantation in glee.




Another fun way to imbue your day in Chiang Rai is to enroll yourself to create your very own ceramic at Doi Din Daeng Pottery. A peaceful studio that welcomes visitors to witness the process of making pottery, Doi Din Daeng Pottery is heaven for those sharing the same interest as Somluck Pantiboon, a famous local artist known for creating handmade pieces with touches of Japanese influence. His nine-rai property is filled with lush trees, making a visit here a rejuvenating one. The studio opens 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and is closed on Sundays.