Drinking & Relaxing at Chiang Mai

Drinking & Relaxing at Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai


The marvellous mountainscape here is not the only thing that lures people in – Chiang Mai is also a harmonious collision between Lanna culture and creativity. As each year passes, for example, its dining scene gets more outstanding with talent and originality, notwithstanding the authentic Northern recipes that will also keep you coming back for more.




Let’s have some fun with restaurants hopping in Chiang Mai and starting with Amber’s Table that serves delicious Thai dishes made with handpicked ingredients, as well as sweets and an array of finest teas, in a very eye-pleasing atmosphere. The menu highlights are Coconut Rice Noodle with Prawns, Stewed Beef with Rice (this one is especially delish), and Barbeque. For the sweet-toothed, do not miss having their famous Coconut Cake or Cheesecake along with a choice of Mariage Frères tea. Fond of homemade bread? 




Khagee is one of the best places to indulge in such pleasures as baguettes, bagels and muffins. Their Carrot Cake and Lemon Tart are also what beckon people to step inside the house, not to mention its stylishly minimal ambience. At dusk, head to an extraordinary coffee house in daylight and an outstanding cocktail bar at night -  Looper & Co. is Chiang Mai’s favourite hangout for many good reasons. The coffee served here is no ordinary “cup of joe”, but original and indulgent concoctions. Recommended for a caffeine hit is their Lonely Boy, a cup of cold brew coffee, lychee and elderflower that is surprisingly harmonious. This is terrific venue to be as it turns into a drinking spot at night with cool music. For a nonpareil spot for both tea and tranquillity, Makogoro Teahouse is a modest paradise that will delight tea epicures with its top-of-the-line green teas from Japanese award-winning farms. Imbibing aromatic tea in the mini Zen garden here is euphoric. This teahouse offers a traditional tea ceremony set Ikigai Ceremonial Set using highest-grade usucha, which comes with soft and chewy wagashi to offset he tea’s bitterness. Also do not miss their Cold Brew Tea made with sencha, and their soft, rich Matcha Roll. Do not miss the Transit No. 8 where you can sip top-notch coffee and contemplate the brilliance of architecture. Even though it is well-known for being a photogenic spot it’s the coffee, crafted by skilled baristas, that keeps people coming back for more. Don’t miss trying some goods from their bakery as well.



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Once you have enough on the culinary lane, a cosy house cum art space, Wattana Art Gallery welcome you in a living discography of Wattana Wattanapun, the Thai artist and teacher whose works have been exhibited in many countries. He is especially known for his use of traditional textile patterns, and female forms, in different media to convey his messages and elicit questions. Check out this gallery if you would like to explore Thai art with a new perspective. In the love for a little adventure? Visitors will undoubtedly want to head further north for majestic mountainous landscape, and Baan Pa Bong Piang is one of the best destinations for witnessing the paradisiacal highlands. The best time to visit is during September to November, when rainfall comes to a halt and rice fields start turning golden in colour. You may like to stay at a simple homestay to experience the locals’ austere way of life. Please note that getting there requires a 4WD vehicle due to road conditions.