New Normal Lifestyle and Shopping

The term ‘New Normal’ is the current phrase we have frequently heard, describing people’s new way of life which seems normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether working from home or practicing social distancing. This new normal way of life might have not existed before, but it has now become our usual and current lifestyle, which also goes for the way we shop. With the stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the closure of shopping malls and shops all around,

most people cannot leave their homes for doing the shopping but turn to online shopping for their wish items. Let’s find out 7 pluses of the ‘New Normal’ way of shopping you can benefit from, which needs only your computer or smartphone and digital technology to browse through a huge choice of online shops and merchants on social media and websites and have your desired items delivered right at your door simply with a light touch of your fingertips.


1. Find anything you wish for: online shopping absolutely makes your shopping experience much easier and more convenient. Simply google your wish items, and there come, tons of your wish list popping up for you to choose from countless online stores.




 2. Speed up your decision-making: reading reviews of your wish items and making comparisons of their promotions, prices, delivery policy, and quality offered or described by each online merchants can greatly help you make a decision quickly and easily as to whether the products are worth your money and which shop you should spend your money at.




3. Get the best possible price: online shopping saves you the energy and time to go out and comparison-shop as all you have to do is simply click a Buy button for your wish item at the best price from a countless choice of online shops. 






4. Shop 24 hours on end: online shopping can be done throughout the day, which is very suitable for those who do not have time to go out and do the shopping, especially with the current situation where malls and shops have to be closed early. This makes online shopping the best answer to shoppers for the time being.



5.  Keep your budget on track: once your wish items have been ordered, the store’s system will show you the list of your purchases and the cost of each to help you decide whether to proceed with payment, continue shopping or cancel your orders altogether.



6. Deliver where you desire: products ordered online can be shipped anywhere, whether to your own home or office or those of your friends or parents. Plus, some online stores even offer promotional deals when you make purchases, including a free delivery service. On top of that, online shopping helps save your time, travel expenses, and gasoline, compared with physical stores.



  7.  Pay less for more: online stores usually attract shoppers with items at surprisinglymuch cheaper prices compared with physical stores because they can save their costs on shop rental and shop assistants. That’s why more and more shoppers turn to online shopping.




          After all the pluses we have listed above of online shopping, if you have not given it a try, this is the time to do so. It can save you time, money, all the hassle leaving your place, and especially from being infected with the virus. Get your phone ready and have your wish items delivered to your door.




          Considering the current COVID-19 situation, it is quite a relief for Thailand as, in recent months, the COVID-19 situation has become much less worrying, which made the Thai government lower its guard and gave the green light to the second phase of relaxation of the national lockdown measures. With shopping malls and most business operators reopening their doors to welcome back their customers or clients after a long pause, the COVID-19 protection guidelines set by the government must still be strictly followed by these business owners to prevent the spread the virus and to care for the health of their customers or clients. These measures go as far as having customers wear facemasks and scan a Thai Chana ‘Thais Win’ QR code with their smartphone before entering and leaving their buildings for check-ins and checkouts, limiting the number of customers being served at a time (2 hours for each), allowing room of 5 square meters for each customer, allowing each customer one hour to be served at a restaurant, and trictly ensuring social-distancing. Despite this relaxation, everyone still needs to always keep their guard up themselves against COVID-19 when they are out minding their own business outside their places until we can finally put an end to this pandemic.