Stay Extension

A member who wishes to extend their stay permission can apply for stay extension at the provincial immigration office located in the member’s residence area. The imigration officer shall extend the stay permission according to the member’s visa. The fee is THB1,900 and it is possible to apply for an extension 30 days in advance.

Thailand Elite Members can extend their stay permission at the immigration office in the area of your residence. Members will be required to be present at the immigration office to take a picture and a fingerprint scan in front of the immigration officer. 



Documents needed are as follows


1.  Your passport


2. 2 photocopies of following pages in passport with your signature on all copies Front page showing name / surname / passport number Current Thailand Elite visa Latest entry stamp and all extension stamp in the latest visit (if any) 

3. 2 Inches (or 4x6 cm) photos (2 photos)

4. Departure Card (TM6)

5. Thailand Elite Membership Card

6. TM30 Receipt

7. Filled TM7 form (available at all immigration offices)

8. Extension fee of 1,900 Baht per person to be paid to immigration officer in cash only