What is overstaying?

Overstaying is when a foreigner lives in Thailand for a period exceeding the length of time they are permitted to stay, according to their visa and entry stamp.

If you have a very long overstay record and turn yourself in to the authorities, you will have to go before a judge in court. Keep in mind that this includes overstay fine as well !


*It is a foreigner's responsibility to check and ensure that he/she does not overstay.



           You also could be held in the Immigration Detention Center until you have arrange the ticket on a direct flight back to your own country. You will then have to pay a small fee to the immigration officers to take you to the airport and accompany you through Immigration, where you will get the blacklist stamp in your passport, and to the gate. Your passport will be given to one of the cabin crew on the flight and they will return to you when you arrive in your home country.





Members on a Privilege Entry Visa
will be granted a 1-year extension
for each application.


Consequences of overstaying your Thai visa


           Please note that repeated violations of overstaying can hold serious consequences. In the event that you have had a few overstays, your passport could be stamped with a stamp declaring you in violation of the immigration laws and regulations of Thailand. This stamp will label you as an “undesirable alien”, which could make travel and obtaining entry to other countries much harder than it should be.

          According to the Immigration Bureau, the following are the advisable and required practice and regulations to be complied with by foreigners seeking a stay in the Kingdom of Thailand.


1.  Once arrived in the Kingdom of  Thailand, a foreigner shall not stay in the Kingdom longer than the period of a stay permit.


2. A foreigner who overstayed in the Kingdom of Thailand before the order’s date of enforcement of March 20th, B.E. 2559 (2016) can surrender to the authorities at the immigration checkpoints before being allowed to leave theKingdom and pays a fine of 500/day, but not exceeding 20,000 baht.


3.  In the event that a foreigner overstayedin the Kingdom of Thailand and failed to leave the country before the order’s date of enforcement of March 20th, B.E. 2559 (2016), the foreigner will face a fine of 500 baht/day, but not exceeding 20,000 baht, and will be banned from re-entering the Kingdom of Thailand for the respective period as follows.







The prohibition of entry starts from the day alien departs from the country.

This rule does not apply to : 
          1. An alien who departs the country before he age of 18.

          2. An alien who departs the country before enforcing this rule.